Our Products


We offer our customers a wide range of carefully selected perfumes from the international company MANE to match their aspirations and meet their needs. We base our selection of these fragrances on a deep study of consumer behavior; Therefore, creativity and innovation is the secret of our success. It covers various cleaning products and personal care products. We are distinguished by capsule perfumes in addition to many high-level technologies


The industry of detergent is rich as many products and types .. and their formula vary from company to another but the quality products is subject to their material in terms of quality and structure .. We in diamond are specialized in the special materials in terms of its type, structure .. and we have a big range of these materials: polymers- phosphonates- optical brighteners- taed- special solvent- c.m.c for powders and paste- enzymes; liquid and granules- anti foam and defoamer- pine oil.


The Lindor engineering department uses advanced CAD systems and calculation methods to design mixers based on customer specifications. The company’s modern manufacturing facility and extensive test center, located on-site, allow for thorough mixing tests. Lindor also has testing facilities in the UK, Japan, Malaysia, and India to meet the needs of customers worldwide.