MANE creates exclusive and premium fragrances by transforming the ideas of artists and innovators. Utilizing over 150 years of expertise in fragrance creation and advanced extraction technologies, MANE’s international perfumers blend essential oils and innovative molecules to produce scents that cater to changing consumer desires. The combination of technology and creativity at MANE Fragrances Creative Studios has allowed for the exploration of new olfactory territories, resulting in some of the most unique and prestigious fragrances in the world.

MANE uses regional panels to evaluate new fragrances for their customers’ products, ensuring they create winning scents that add value to their brands. Throughout the development process, MANE’s technology experts guarantee the technical quality, efficiency, and compatibility of the fragrances while working with partners and customers to create new and innovative prototypes.

Not only does MANE create original and exceptional fragrances, but also high-performing, competitive compositions suitable for various applications, including toiletries and fabric care. MANE also offers its proprietary cooling agent, Physcool® for use in skincare formulations. By analyzing consumer insights and market trends, MANE develops cutting-edge fragrances that seamlessly fit targeted brands and markets. Our perfumers understand the needs of our clients and customers, and translate them into a unique olfactory experience.

For Hair Care, MANE creates appealing and lasting fragrances for shampoos, conditioners, and hair colorations to meet the demands of today’s consumers for professional results.

In Skin Care, MANE develops unique fragrances that cater to market trends and consumer habits, designed specifically for skin care and body wash products. These scents are a delight for the senses, and make products that consumers love to use daily.

For Fabric Care, MANE uses its expertise and technology to create long-lasting fragrances that enhance the softness of freshly cleaned clothes, linens, and towels.

In Air & Home Care, MANE creates fragrances that balance performance and emotion to support the functional benefits of detergents, provide odor control solutions, and enhance the welcoming atmosphere of homes.