Lindor powder mixers are highly effective when used with detergents and a variety of other cleaning agents and household products. Many of these powders are agglomerates and granulates where breakage and dust formation must be avoided. Whether these products perform correctly depends, in part, on ingredients that are sensitive to heat. When the product heats up, due to mechanical heating during the mixing process for example, this can affect how the detergent performs. In order to achieve the required result, an increase in the dosage will be required. In short, if the product does not heat up due to the mechanical action during mixing, less of it is required.


  • Excellent homogeneity
  • Protecting particle integrity
  • Short mixing times (2 – 5 min)
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Low energy

Examples of powders mixed by Lindor powder mixers:

  • Textile detergents (powders and agglomerates with liquid additives)
  • Dishwashing detergents (cubes, powders)
  • WC/Toilet cleaning agents (powders, granulates, cubes)
  • General cleaning agents (powders, beads, granules)

Technical specifications of the powder mixer:

  • Batch volume: From 10 to 25,000 litres
  • Production capacity: < 500 kilos to 20,000 kilos per hour
  • Motor power: approx. 2 kW per ton of mixed product (0.5 kW to 50 kW per mixer)
  • Diameter of mixing drum: 0.3 metres to 3.6 metres

Advantages of a Lindor mixer for detergents and cleaning agents:

  • Excellent homogeneity
  • Precise, uniform and homogeneous dosing and adding of several liquids to a powder
  • Particle integrity protection
  • Short mixing times (2 to 5 minutes)
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Low energy consumption
  • Horizontal construction, moderate inlet/outlet height difference, resulting in low installation height
  • Low maintenance
  • Mobile versions