Diamond News


On 01-06-2018 in Dordrecht in the Netherlands, an exclusive agency agreement was signed between the Dutch company “Lindor for Industrial Mixers” and Diamond Overseas Trading Co, whereby Diamond Co is the exclusive agent for selling the mixers produced by the “Lindor” in each of the following countries:

Jordan – Lebanon – Syria – Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates – Oman

DETEX 2018

  • The Amman Chamber of Industry organized the Jordanian International Conference on Detergents and the specialist exhibition Detex 2018 on the 10th & 11th of April 2018 at the Royal Hotel – Amman.
  • More than 300 personalities from the industrial and scientific sector participated in this symposium, including an elite of technical experts, researchers, developers and marketers in the detergents sector, and a group of major suppliers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East to discuss recent trends, innovation incentives and the future approach that the industry will take.
  • This conference had an important role as a pivotal point from which specialized studies and data related to modern research in various fields would proceed with the aim of contributing to the development of the detergent industry, as it presented the aspirations of producers, consumer trends and markets, and showed the growing interest in customer care issues, performance and sustainable development, which are matters that have become the driving force It stands behind the design of new detergent formulas and the subsequent launch of new innovative products.
  • This event is a valuable opportunity to provide all suppliers and producers with a panoramic view in order to identify directions for developing new products, as well as providing an opportunity to begin promoting fruitful cooperation in the long term.
  • This event was a bright spot in the detergent industry in Jordan in order to achieve the goal of transforming the detergent industry into a pioneering and distinguished industry.
    The conference program included 15 lectures in the following fields:
  1. Global trends in the garbage industry.
  2. New developments related to the detergents raw materials.
  3. Improvements parallel to recent developments in detergent formulas.

CSS 2017

  • On Wednesday 25th of April, MANE has concluded the events of Creativity Sharing Symposium in Amman Jordan.
  • The Symposium was planned in partnership with Diamond Co, excusive distributor of MANE fragrances for consumer goods in Jordan.
  • The target of the symposium was to share MANE’s long knowledge, expertise and creativity pertaining to fragrances with the leading local manufacturers of Home Care and Fabric Care brands in the Levant Region.
  • Mr. Mohammad Al-Shaer, Managing Director of Diamond Co, has emphasised the common philosophy shared by MANE and Diamond which is built on a long term commitment to push the local industry forward on all aspects of product development.
  • According to Mr. Shaer, creativity and innovation are the corner stones for differentiation in today’s competitive environment. Both MANE and Diamond have built their partnership on solid belief in these two values.