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With 150 years of experience in the production of natural ingredients, MANE continuously strive for excellence. Inspiration, passion, savoir-faire and creativity allow MANE to be one of the leader in the Fragrances and Flavours French industry. Innovation is the key to always create new experiences and better serve customers. Watch the new “Drawing on passion” video to know more about how MANE reinvents the scents and flavours of tomorrow. 

MANE at Pitti Fragranze 2020 will present: “SUSTAINABILITY @MANE”

MANE is pleased to invite you to its new Capsule at Pitti Fragranze 2020: “SUSTA

Discover the Group’s sustainability approach in this new

challenging ‘Green Era’.

The presentation will take place on Pitti Connect on Tuesday, November the 17th, at 3:00pm (CET, UTC+1:00, Italy) and will be presented by Giulia Cavaliere (Marketing Manager Fragrance Division, MANE Italy).

JINKE is a national high-tech enterprise, and their leading products have completely independent intellectual property rights. Up to now, JINKE have obtained 27 invention patents and 1 utility model patent. The quality technical indexes of JINKE products have reached the international advanced level.

Kao Chemicals Europe reveals a range of novel solutions to meet modern hair care demands. These solutions have been developed in line with global market trends, such as customisation, an increased focus on scalp care, hair health and damage, sustainability and professional hair care.

Consumer demands have evolved concurrently with their awareness of health, wellness, professional care, customisation based on their individual needs and environmental sustainability.  Kao Chemicals Europe is aware of the need to create products that are kinder on the environment, form part of a professional service experience, help answer the individual demands of consumers and allow proper care for hair and scalp health.

For the 2nd year in a row, MANE USA has been chosen one of New Jersey’s top workplaces. 

Collaborators participated in an independent survey in which a set of questions were asked to them about their organization. Last year, MANE USA ranked

number 10 in the medium size company category and this year, MANE USA ranked number 4.  In addition we received a special “Appreciation” award for obtaining the highest ranking for the statement: I feel genuinely appreciated at work. This ranking was

The highest across all companies!

MANE USA appreciates the effort of its collaborators every day for their hard work and dedication, especially during these times. We truly do appreciate them all! Top workplaces is a great way to celebrate and highlight our people-centered culture and a chance to celebrate the good of all that is MANE!

On the 4th of June 2018.

MANE is proud to announce that Cécile Matton has been named « Perfumer of the Year 2018 » by the editors of Cosmétique Mag, at the Cosmétique Mag Oscars ceremony on the 4th of June 2018.

Cécile Matton has two passions: fragrances and jewels, and she creates both, hence her nickname “the Jeweler Perfumer” . The contemporary, spontaneous, sparkling and joyful bohemian creator defines herself as “an artisan more than an artist”. She loves to work with materials in a concrete way. Be it flowers, woods, metal or stone, the pure creation process is what really matters. Everything begins with strong creative ideas that she knows how to turn into international successes. Her hedonistic nature shows in her creations, which she wants to be a source of pleasure. Cécile loves simplicity, and likes to work while having fun.

Jean Mane is elected  as chair of the 15th European Families in Business Conference in Madrid on 12-13 June.

The fourth generation member of the Mane family, transformed the family business MANE into an international group since joining after his father. His focus on innovation and globalization led the company to extensive growth and made them one of the worldwide leaders in the fragrance, flavor design and ingredients industry—the sixth-ranked globally and first in France.

With more than 145 years of history, the Mane family business has gone from strength to strength across the generations and now is being delivered to the leadership of the fifth generation, and this is Samantha Mane participate the company leadership with her father and she put her creative additives.

On the 02nd of June 2018

MANE has officially opened its offices in Nairobi to serve the East African region.

The office will have a technical laboratory, which is soon to be completed and supported with technical staff.

An onsite laboratory is of vital importance to the region.

Marvin Murphy, General Manager of MANE Kenya Ltd said: “we are now in the position to locally support our customer’s development needs, by working with our customer’s base to fast and effectively deliver finished products,”