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we offer our customers a wide range of fragrances carefully selected to match their expectations and meet their trends. we base our selection for this fragrances on the deep study of consumer behavior, so the creativity and innovation is the secret of our success. we offer fragrances covering various detergent products, including encapsules fragrances .



we supply our customers the basic chemicals of detergents industry.. but we are keen to be our sources is the leader companies and which has quality control system.



the industry of detergent is rich as many products and types .. and their formula vary from company to another but the quality products is subject to their material in terms of quality and structure .. we in diamond are specialized in the special materials in terms of its type, structure .. and we have a big range of these materials .


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We supply known surfactants which are used in the detergent industry types likes: lauryl ether sulfate – fatty alcohol ethoxylated – amphoetric surfactans -fatty alcohol amino oxide – fatty acids amines and amides – esterquats ammonium / methosulfate through joint research with our suppliers we develops several products and blends.