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CSS 2017

  • On Wednesday 25th of April, MANE has concluded the events of Creativity Sharing Symposium in Amman Jordan.
  • The Symposium was planned in partnership with Diamond Co, excusive distributor of MANE fragrances for consumer goods in Jordan.
  • The target of the symposium was to share MANE’s long knowledge, expertise and creativity pertaining to fragrances with the leading local manufacturers of Home Care and Fabric Care brands in the Levant Region.
  • Mr. Mohammad Al-Shaer, Managing Director of Diamond Co, has emphasised the common philosophy shared by MANE and Diamond which is built on a long term commitment to push the local industry forward on all aspects of product development.
  • According to Mr. Shaer, creativity and innovation are the corner stones for differentiation in today’s competitive environment. Both MANE and Diamond have built their partnership on solid belief in these two values.